Make your vote really count!

Vote Local, 

Vote Squisito!

No matter which political party you vote for in the political elections you’re very unlikely to have your views or your family’s long term interests taken into account!

However, every time you buy from a small independent shop or producer like Squisito and our local producers like Gary Bradshaw who makes Cobblers Nibble, Helen & Oliver at Wodehill Cheese or Peter Coleman of Laycroft Farm free range poultry, you are providing oxygen to our local economy.

In short, if you use your village shop, local Post Office, butcher, baker or even candlestick maker you are maintaining your local services, local jobs, local breeds, local varieties and economic diversity not to mention the value of your own home. In short, every £1 you spend is a vote in the daily economic election!

Every £1 spent locally
Alex grew up and lived in Monks Kirby for 44 years and witnessed his village lose all it’s shops. He saw it become a commuter suburb of Rugby and Coventry where a gallon petrol or a pint of milk, let alone the ‘weekly shop’, became a costly and time-consuming 15-mile round trip.
Every time you enter
That is one of the reasons here in Yelvertoft, Squisito label every one of our English, Welsh and Scottish products for food-miles-from-producer-to-shop and every imported product from olive oil to halloumi cheese with the flag of it’s country plus a bit of it’s artisan story since an alternative market with ‘independent retailers’ is oxygen to those producer’s survival just as much as ours.
Do the maths! Supermarkets are more expensive
So, if you don’t want your hard earned money going into offshore accounts, tax dodges and political parties we say don’t eat food from who know’s where and producers who support supermarket practices but visit Squisito and buy local produce or grow and make your own food in the way of our forefathers (which is why you also see seed packets for sale in our shop and Squisito teach at the shop on Sundays – Alex).

Vote Squisito

Since it’s Early May Bank Holiday this weekend, if you want to place orders for Alex’s Handmade Sausages, Piri-Piri Chicken Wings, Fiorentina Short Beef Ribs,  24oz or 42oz Fiorentina Steaks, Tuscan Shoulder of Pork, Sara’s Sicilian Boned & Rolled Chicken, Slow-Cooked Shoulder of Lamb with Fennel, Anchovies & Olives etc etc – just have a look at our recipe website for more ideas and call Sara on 07824314235

To unsubscribe to the Squisito newsletter just reply to this email and say “I trust the politicians and big business to look after us!”


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