Now with added veg

A Harvest Festival in Yelvertoft!


Yes, Squisito Butchers & Provisions shop renovations continue apace to add more fresh fruit and vegetables since Autumn is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and comfort food at home in particular!

For those of you who distrust supermarket claims about ‘happy farmers’ and the ‘finest’ ingredients we would like to tell you about Squisito’s own accreditation system for our shop and farmers market stall to answer the question many of you have asked, “What’s the speed limit sign on your labels for?”

Firstly, Squisito believe that

Provenance is knowing

There are many food ‘accreditation’ systems out there like Red Tractor, Organic and FARMA but ultimately what is better than being able to talk to the person who made your lunch and know’s what is in it because they made it and chose the ingredients?

Locality is a much trumpeted feature of many farm shops and even supermarket claims but the truth is that there is no substitute for making your own produce. If you are a farmer who rears cattle or poultry or has cows for dairy the facts are that you are not allowed to slaughter your own beasts or sell your own milk at the farm gate except in rare circumstances.

This means your lunch has to be ‘processed’ or ‘made’ by a ‘secondary producer’ which is why Squisito decided to source our ingredients from people we know, butcher our own meat and teach amateurs, smallholders and chefs how to ‘produce’ their own food from field to plate.

So, when Squisito choose our suppliers and other people’s products for our shop not only do Sara, Alex and Matt know the producer by first name, we display the origin of the product and the mileage from that producer to our shop. That’s why our labels display a local food mileage and a county or country flag so you can see where it was made at a glance and read a bit of that product’s life story.


So, when we mean ‘producer’ or ‘supplier’, we don’t mean a brand name or ‘Mr T*%$co’ but the name of the people who actually made the product you buy from Squisito. Even Sara’s homemade ‘Lamborgini’ sausage rolls or her pies display our own food miles from our shop to our kitchen whilst Alex’s sausages display ‘0’ miles since they are made at the shop.

We think our ‘speed limit’ or local food miles sign is simple and clear statement and not one that can be applied to most ‘branded’ products where the name is the same in every language which often disguises an international system of unsavoury practices where food is reduced to a commodity and your health the lowest common denominator.

Squisito believe that whether you want to make change happen in food and in farming or just your health and your waistband, you have to put your money your mouth is and buy food that is just as good for your body as your community and the environment since

Every time you enter


Cheap food is only cheap

So, if you don’t want your hard earned money to go into offshore accounts, tax dodges and marketing budgets we say don’t eat food from who know’s where and producers who support supermarket domination but visit Squisito and buy local produce or grow your own (which is why you also see seed packets for sale in our shop).

To read how a young couple with a toddler cut their food bill by £895 a year and improved their food quality and choice by using independent butchers and farmers markets near Oxford instead of Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Aldi click here.

Our new Italian-style coldroom to dry age more beef and make more sausages to hang as salami should be up and running this week. That means we can get on with bringing you Fish on Fridays!


So, if you have any friends who are fish lovers forward this email and tell them that fellow customers on the Squisito emailing list will be able to get a free tea or coffee when we bring ‘Carmen’, Alex’s 1952 design Elektra coffee machine, back to the shop.

Squisito are planning another eclectic ‘Cheese & Wine Evening’ on Wednesday 12th November to showcase our new C%$&*!mas (sorry, we still can’t bring ourselves to using the C-word yet) cheeseboard and hampers for the foodies in your life and home. You can buy tickets online by clicking here or buy them in the shop.

Cheese & Wine Evening 12NOV14

Our next Secret Squisito anti-restaurant at home is on Saturday 15th November at Squisito HQ in Monks Kirby. To read the menu and book tickets click here

For this month’s new recipes click here (Slow Cooked Short Beef Ribs with Chinese 5-Spice & Tamarind are nice btw).


To unsubscribe to our newsletter just reply and say “No, I’d rather waste a gallon of fuel driving to T*%$co to buy a load of things I don’t actually need and counterfeit food from who-knows-where!


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