Christmas is here!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Secret Squisito Christmas Party on Saturday. Very nice relaxing, fun evening. Great mix of people and interesting food. Interestingly 3 of my guests had serious food allergies to cheese, tomato and eggs. A little challenge on an Italian menu. However not a problem in my kitchen as all food is made from scratch and I can verify the source of every single ingredient. In fact I only substituted the Pumpkin and Cheese Fondue with a delicious selection of Parma ham, Squisito smoked venison and Calabrian Nduja (which we shortly be producing).

The Pumpkin and Cheese Fondue was a revelation and will be on the menu next Autumn as will the Pheasant in Barolo – thanks to Barry the Denbigh Estate Game Keeper for the pheasants! Caramelised Pears in Marsala are the hit dessert of the year – everyone loves them!! Watch out next month for my top secret squisito dishes – my blog subscribers will also be able to receive my mini cookery book with the recipes!



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