A different kind of food festival…

September is food festival month and Squisito has been out on the rounds to the pick of the best and some not so exciting! As a local food producer I’ve steered clear of returning to London but I was given the opportunity of a whistle stop tour of the smoke. The month kicked off with the START Festival at Clarence House, London – next door to Buck House and on the Popes journey up The Mall. An interesting idea from Prince Charles who had a vision several years ago to celebrate the best of British culture. Perhaps a vanity project, I don’t know. Seemingly the organisers were given 7 weeks to organise and in some places it showed. Far too many corporate stands from Virgin Money and British Gas – not sure how they fulfilled the brief? As an exhibitor for one day only it was great fun and very productive in terms of networking but as a paying visitor I couldn’t really see the attraction. Apparently it will be on again next year in Windsor Great Park, sounds fun.
First one was at Clarence House

The highlight of the year for me was the next day at the 2nd Underground Farmers Market hosted by the wonderful punky (she is too young to be a ‘real punk’ circa 1975 surely) Ms Marmite Lover

As a Midlands Farmers Market trader of 3 and a bit years this was a breath of fresh air. So many wonderful producers from vegan chocolate to pig butt in hickory sauce to home made haloumi and cucumber gin.

If I ever get my act together then I’d love to host a similar event. Even if to shake the scene up a bit. The recession has really stalled new producers – I can count on one hand newcomers since I started. So if you are interested in joining in the fun as a small producer or organiser then let me know here.

Well done Valerie at Belgrave Hall another wonderful food festival. Well worth a visit – it’s free entry. It’s on next year on the 17th and 18th of September. Great cross section of farmers market traders, home producers and Leicester restaurants with some eco interest stalls to compliment brilliantly. Thanks for everyone who purchased from us!

Finally the worst food festival I have ever attended. Perhaps I am just fated with Stratford upon Avon but everytime I visit the expectation never lives up to the reality. Not good for my self esteem! So never again. \my thoughts have been relayed to the organisers so hopefully if they run it next year it will be better.

pics courtesy of ms marmite lover – thanks


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