Secret Squisito dinner is tomorrow and busy busy busy in the cucina!

I am very excited about tomorrow and really looking forward to hosting what I hope will be the first of many!

Today is final prep day so I am just about to collect final ingredients, venison, herbs, fish etc. Whilst I am out Alex is prepping our rabbits, kindly culled by Alex Denbigh yesterday afternoon – many thanks again, Alex x 2.

Tomorrow I have been let off Farmers Market duty at Moseley and Jenny my intern from last Summer is helping out there for me. Leaving me to focus on our Secret Squisito dinner. I had hoped to get some waitress help from Lily and Ella but they ‘too busy’! to lend a hand. Perhaps next month?

So on the list for cooking today – venison ragu, wild boar terrine, roast beetroot, soak chick peas, make creme anglaise for ice cream and make ricotta/chard filling for ravioli. The rabbit will be cooked overnight in the bottom the Rayburn with white wine and our own pancetta. The pancetta is  10 days cured in our secret recipe using Berkshire Blue pork from Chris at Glebe Farm on the Fosse Way. Thankfully our Italian supplier came up with the goods eventually yesterday and our guests will be able to experience the best olives in the world from bella Puglia and delicious Sardinian percorino – not shown on the menu but a Squisito favourite!


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